Call Center Managers: Do You Need a Reality Check?

Customer Service Vision

Call center managers are the people responsible for orchestrating the entire workflow for their organization. They are lauded when the organization earns profits or applauses; the same people are criticized when the organization does not achieve its goals. This is why the contact center managers are always walking the tight rope. If your organization is […]

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Join the Conversation: How to Engage With Your Customers Online

Online Conversation

Your customers are talking about you online, and there is nothing you can do to stop it. But, do you want to stop it when you can join the conversation? Online discussions and reviews give you a window into your customers’ minds, and, when handled correctly, that opportunity can persuade them to open up their […]

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5 Reasons Why Customer Feedback Matters More Than Ever

Customer Service Support Message

So you’ve done everything possible to satisfy your customers. You’ve exerted all efforts to better your products and customer service. You treat customers like kings and queens, and provide everything to match their wants and needs all the time. Now how do you know if your strategies are working? How do you know if your […]

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What is Customer Service Week?

Winning Customer Service Experience

Did you know that every year, the first full week of October is recognized as Customer Service Week? Customer Service Week is a great opportunity for organizations that rely on customer service and customer support teams to celebrate the important role customer relations has in business success. In addition to fun traditions and parties that […]

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