Automated Customer Service

Want to Delegate and Still Improve the Experience? Automate!

Of the many tasks on your plate, which one is most important to your ability to earn a paycheck and serve the customer? Which one, if left undone, would mean financial ruin and bad customer reviews—whether an imminent shut-down or a slow death?

You probably know that task already. If you don’t, look at your title: Are you a salesperson? Then you must sell. Are you a manager? You have to manage. How about a customer service specialist or a writer? Continue Reading →

Customer Service Infographic

The Power of Product Design in Customer Experience [INFOGRAPHIC]

First impressions generally happen in less than 7 seconds.

Customers often make snap judgements when it comes to purchasing a product or deciding to use a service. How a product looks or a service provider’s Website can often be the deciding factor when a customer is comparing two similar products or services.

In order to win the customer your product or service needs to make the best impression. These decisions customer make are often subconscious, and the lasting impression will be associated with your business, its offerings, and even the people associated with the organization. Design is an emotional component of brand promise and customer experience.

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