Speaking + Content

Speaking + Content

What to Expect


I focus on bringing the insights and energy to make your event a hit. My sessions share practical, tactical ideas you can apply in your organization or teams right away.


I make sure every talk is tailored for the organization, event, and audience. Each session is designed to fit the specific interests, concerns, and goals of those in attendance.


As a social customer service leader, I work closely with event staff to provide social support, add value, promote, and make sure the event is a success for everyone involved.

Speaking Topics

The Rules of Service

Based on the book “Win the Customer: 70 Simple Rules for Sensational Service”, we cut right to the chase and outline the most critical and powerful techniques for energizing the way organizations interact with their customers.

When it comes to service, satisfaction is a short-sighted goal. If you want customers for life, you’ll need to innovate your approach to serving customers. The rules of service can be adapted for senior executive or front line service agent audiences.

Customer Service: A to Z

26 Letters make up the English language alphabet. Webster’s Dictionary contains over 470,000 words. Experts estimate that the English language is made up of over 1 million words.

Language is the essential building block to communication. Effective mastery of basic components of speech is the path to effective understanding and actionable service. In Customer Service: A to Z, we discuss the words that make up the most critical impact to developing exceptional customer experiences and delivering effective customer service.

For more information or to discuss custom topics or content development projects, contact me at 1.801.228.0992 or email hello@winthecustomer.com.