About WinTheCustomer - Flavio Martins

Satisfaction is the wrong the goal. Customer experience is the strategic advantage.

I started Win the Customer as a way to bring more attention to great customer service and the power of customer experience.

My blog WintheCustomer! is a customer service blog showcasing how organizations can deliver great customer service and win customer loyalty, one customer experience at a time. My posts are syndicated on CustomerThink, Business2Community, YahooBusiness, and other top customer service experience networks.

Customer Service is Not a Strategy, It’s the New Reality.

Customer Service Experience SpeakerWe all want to be delighted, and we all hope organizations treat us with the respect we deserve as valuable customers.

My mission is to inspire every customer impacting individual to be more passionate, articulate, creative, personal and fun as they work to serve customers. I look forward to opportunities to train and consult with service professionals to make customer service better each day.

Working with other service experts, technology solutions providers, and industry leaders, every organization can create amazing customer interactions, exceptional experiences and change the nature of customer service and customer relationships.

Award Winning Customer Service Blogger

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What is good customer service?

Too many hours are wasted every year on customer service trainings about customer satisfaction. But just focusing on satisfaction is a waste of time. Customer loyalty is what counts.

Satisfaction is not enough, great customer service wins customer loyalty.