Hello, I’m Flavio Martins. Customer service is my passion.

Flavio MartinsFor too long we’ve put up with “satisfaction” as the goal for customer service. But who ever wakes up hoping to just be satisfied for the day? We all want to be delighted, and we all hope organizations treat us with the respect we deserve as valuable customers.

Customer Service is Not a Strategy, It’s the New Reality.

Winthecustomer.com is a customer service blog showcasing how organizations can deliver great customer service and win customer loyalty, one customer experience at a time.

Working with other service experts, technology solutions providers, and industry leaders, every organization can create amazing customer interactions, exceptional experiences and change the nature of customer service and customer relationships.

Service Industry Awards

I’m honored to work with leading service organizations and contribute to the service community to make a difference in how organizations work with customers and improved the experience customers deserve.

  • ICMI’s #2 in Top 100 Most Influential People in Customer Service
    ICMI – CallCentre
  • Huffington Post Top 100 Most Social Customer Service Pro
    Huffington Post
  • Frontleaf Top Influencer in Customer Success
  • SAP Top 60 Customer Experience Influencer
  • Mindtouch Top 50 Most Active Influencers in #CX

Winning Customer Service

Satisfaction as the standard doesn’t work. When satisfaction is the goal, the result is boring customer service and stale customer experiences.

No wonder customer loyalty is abysmal, and the cost to acquire a new customer is astronomical. Customers no longer trust service providers.

The Win the Customer mission is to inspire every customer impacting individual to be passionate, articulate, creative, ethical, personal and fun. Living and working to uplift and make the life of the customer better each day.

-Flavio Martins, Win the Customer!

What is good customer service?

Too many hours are wasted every year on customer service trainings about customer satisfaction. But just focusing on satisfaction is a waste of time. Customer loyalty is what counts.

Real customer service is often so rare that organizations don’t even bother measuring delighted customers and settle for simply satisfaction.

Satisfaction is not enough, great customer service wins customer loyalty.