I’m Flavio Martins and I’m a disciple of awesome customer service and freakishly interested in customer experience.

I’m not trying to change the world, just make a difference today. 

Having risen in the ranks of the service experience world, I’ve experience day-to-day life in the call center for customer service and technical support. Along the way I’ve been fortunate to be part of some unique service teams with the ability to craft exceptional customer experiences.

Customer Service Experience SpeakerWith support from leaders willing to give young upstarts a chance to prove their service theories, I’ve seen customer service transform customer relationship and help create award-winning customer service teams.

Win The Customer is one of the most socially shared customer service experience blogs today and is often syndicated on CustomerThink, Business2Community, YahooBusiness, and other top customer service experience sites.

I have an undergraduate degree in Information Technology and a masters in Technology Management and Organizational Communications. My passion to this day remains crafting awesome customer experiences and leading operations teams to win the hearts and minds of customers.

Day-to-day I oversee operations, marketing, and customer service at DIgiCert, a global Certificate Authority, SSL Certificate and PKI security solutions service provider. I joined DigiCert as an early startup and have seen the fantastic growth that winning customer service can create in organization that invest in their customers.

I also speak and present at Customer Service and Customer Experience conferences and write for organizations developing content marketing as a strategic advantage.

The Customer Service Experience Blog

The Win The Customer blog began in 2011. I started the customer service blog because I felt like customer service and customer experience needed a greater voice online in order to help organizations realize the power that great service experiences has in winning customer loyalty.

As I collaborate with and learn from top service organizations, I share those insights in the form of easy to digest tips that any organization can implement in their strategic operations. The service blog is and always will be a free resource for any individual or organization wishing to make a difference for their customers through service.

The Win The Customer Book

Win The Customer BookIn 2013 I was approach by Bob Nirkind, editor at AMACOM Books, to put the winning customer service tips you see here into a book. I immediately jumped at the chance to use this as an opportunity to help organizations transform their service approach and make a difference in their customer experience.

Having read dozens of customer service books, I’ve always felt that the genre has been missing an actionable, go-to-work type of inspirational manual that service leaders and service agents need to jump start their work day.

Win The Customer offers readers 70 simple rules to create sensational service experiences. The book is packed with insightful, practical guidelines that can anyone can adapt to their company’s or customer’s individual needs.

The Mantra: Customer Service is Not a Strategy, It’s the New Reality.

We all want to be delighted, and we all hope organizations treat us with the respect we deserve as valuable customers.

Satisfaction is not enough, great customer service wins customer loyalty. Too many hours are wasted every year on customer service trainings about customer satisfaction. But just focusing on satisfaction is a waste of time. Customer loyalty is what counts.

The Awards

I’m grateful for the organizations that have recognized the importance of great customer service and experience. I’ve been honored to be listed among some of the best minds in the customer service and customer experience industry. A few of the top recognitions include:

  • Huffington Post Top 100 Most Social Customer Service Pro – Huffington Post
  • ICMI Top 100 Most Influential People in Customer Service – ICMI – CallCentre
  • Frontleaf Top Influencer in Customer Success – Frontleaf
  • SAP Top 60 Customer Experience Influencer SAP
  • Mindtouch Top 50 Most Active Influencers in #CX Mindtouch
  • CustomerThink Top AuthorCustomerThink
  • Top 15 Most Influential Customer Service ExpertGetApp
  • Top 50 Customer Service Pro to FollowWittyParrot
  • Top 10 Customer Experience LeaderFonolo
  • CustomerService100 Service LeaderCallCenter.co.uk
  • Top 30 Customer Engagement Influencer – The Customer Edge
  • Top Customer Service BlogMerlin
  • Best Service Leader to FollowServiceMax
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