The Growing Gap Between Service Delivery and Delivered Service

Customer Experience Focus

33% Percent of companies admit to not keeping promises made to customers. Recent research reported by the Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp) and the American Management Association (AMA), shows that there’s a growing gap between what organizations aspire to in terms of service delivery and the actual service customers experience. Business is different. Not just today but […]

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2 Essential Elements to Building a Sustainable Brand Service Experience and Customer Loyalty

Customer Service Experience Blueprint

Building a brand is all about creating a brand image and continually serving customers in a way that creates a positive perception of a business, its products and services. Effective branding means staying relevant in the minds of people via associating positive, action motivating, and emotionally engaging feelings in the hearts and minds of the customer. A brand is defined as […]

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Mapping the Customer Experience Journey in the Internet Age

Customer Experience Journey Map

Creating an exceptional customer experience requires time, effort, and attention to detail. It’s critical to understand customers, customer expectations, and have the right process to ensure that service delivered exceeds service expectations. Customers want more than just words and pretty pictures. Customer Journey mapping is an integral part of customer experience design. Customer journey maps […]

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How To Use Customer Experience Data to Improve Customer Service

Customer Experience Data

The divide between mature and immature companies isn’t based on the amount of budget dedicated to customer service or experience, but rather the attention given to gathering customer data and acting on customer insight. A survey of companies and agencies translating experience data to customer service action was a key differentiator between companies succeeding in their business […]

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