Integrate Live Chat & AI to Your eCommerce Business [& Learn How to Do It Right]

2018 saw the eCommerce industry grow by over 25 percent with 2019 showing no signs of a slowdown for the industry. The eCommerce boom has resulted in lots of competition. Businesses need to rise to the challenge to stay relevant.

This article about woodworking will look at why a business should integrate live chat as well as AI to their eCommerce business as well as how to integrate them correctly to your eCommerce business. You can also attend a virtual story telling business class, this will  help you deliver important messages in a way that is clear.

The Benefits of Live Chat Software

1. Better customer service – It’s no secret that customers love live chat. eDigital surveyed in 2013, where 73% of people surveyed said that they preferred live chat to use email, SMS, social media, the phone, and so on. This is because live chat for eCommerce supports people who are in a hurry. Since most people are usually in a hurry, live chat is preferred to other forms of communication. Very few people have the patience to write an email asking about which colors are available for a specific product. Live chat excels here because responses are quick which lead to satisfied customers and more conversions.

2. More conversions and sales – Keeping in tune with the previous point, live chat executed correctly results in more conversions as well as sales. A survey by eMarketer found that 63% of people surveyed were much more likely to come back to a website which offers live chat. This also results in building more opportunities for upselling and cross-selling.

3. Automatic chat greetings – One of the most essential features of live chat is automated chat greetings. It’s similar to how a store clerk greets customers when they step into a store. Analyze your customers’ pain points and set up chat greetings to start at the exact moment your customer needs them. This personalized support experience will drive conversions up and lead to more sales.

The Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in eCommerce

1. Recommendations system  Ever wondered how these eCommerce websites show the similar products you’ve searched for online?  

This is an example of artificial intelligence in eCommerce. AI can make use of machine learning to predict the behavior of a buyer from previous searches, frequently bought products, and so on. All of this works to drive profits up by increasing sales, for the complete info about the prediction visit VPNroad.

Whether you have products to sell or products you want to purchase, has made the whole process more transparent, efficient and effective.

2. Better customer support  Research by Juniper Research has revealed that chatbots will be responsible for saving over $8 billion each year by 2022. Chatbots can be used to get rid of many of the associated costs of call center services such as answering the phone tens or sometimes hundreds of times per day.

3. Better customer understanding  All businesses would do better if they were in a position to target their customers better. eCommerce websites can make use of AI as well as natural language processing to find out a customer’s perception of their brand. Natural language processing can be used to understand all the phrases a user makes about a brand in a review, complaints, feedback, and comments. We suggest to visit the website to get more advice. 

How Can You Integrate Live Chat to Your eCommerce Business?Live Chat Tool


Anyone can integrate live chat to their eCommerce website and call it a day. However, doing it right takes a bit more effort, which results in a better payoff. Here’s how you can do it right.

1. Bring in staff for peak traffic windows  You can use software to find out your peak traffic hours. Use the results you find to staff your eCommerce platform accordingly. It would be a waste of workforce to put all of your staff on duty all the time. Overstaff your office during peak hours. In the same vein, allocate staff to other activities when there isn’t as much demand for them.

2. Remember that its all about quality over quantity  Trying to push through more than a dozen chat conversations at once is mentally exhausting. Configure your live chat software to automatically hide your chatbox once a staff member has arrived at a certain number of simultaneous conversations. This will ensure that your staff engages in quality conversations.

3. Take advantage of feedback to improve your business – Feedback is the most valuable resource that a business can have. Take a look at how all of your competition asks for feedback at the end of interactions with customers. Feedback can highlight what your customers feel about your brand, their needs as well as what confuses and frustrates them. In addition to this, you can use the feedback to find out what your business is doing right. Use the feedback you receive over live chat sessions to improve your storefront. You can add a new tool for your business called seotoolscentre that will allow you to write more professional articles. Such an approach will help you re-target returning customers as you’ll be more equipped due to customer feedback.

How to Integrate AI to Your eCommerce Business?

AI is put to use in a variety of ways to attract as well as retain customers. Let’s have a look at how you can integrate AI into your eCommerce business.

1. Customer-centric searches can be enabled through AI  Many customers get frustrated and often abandon their eCommerce experiences after getting product results which are irrelevant to their searches. Using natural language processing to improve search results will help you to reduce shopping cart abandonment

2. Make use of chatbots  Chatbots have touched upon but deserve another mention when it comes to their AI capabilities due to their potential. Chatbots are excellent at taking on many essential responsibilities that customer service clerks have to deal with regularly. They are an effective, low-cost solution for customer support. 

Chatbots can be used to provide your customers with strong support solutions. In addition to this, they’re quite convenient as they’re always available and respond instantly. The convenience and availability chatbots bring to the table is a large part of why they’re so popular.

3. Personalization across devices – While personalization isn’t new, it often isn’t done right. You can take advantage of AI to see how customers interact online. When AI is used like this, it creates a universal customer view which is invaluable to an organization. Boomtrain is an example of a technology which businesses use to look at many customer touchpoints so that businesses know how customers are interacting online. 

You can also integrate a voice of customer software platform to listen, understand, and react to customer feedback.

An example of implementation is making use of these technologies to push notifications to customers mobiles when they show interest in a product online. A customer who shows interest in nuts can be sent a push notification for when there’s a flash sale of nuts on your eCommerce platform. This will lead to more sales.

Bottom Line

As you can see, live chat, as well as AI, can be integrated into any eCommerce business for spectacular results. The difference between businesses who get it right and businesses who do not is in integration. While these technologies have become quite accessible, their potential is still unknown. Many businesses experience poor results because of implementation issues. 

However, when implemented right, the possibilities are endless. All of the big eCommerce platforms have integrated AI into their platforms in subtle yet noticeable ways from product recommendations to customer support. A key takeaway from this article is to analyze what the competition is doing right and what it isn’t. If you do what your competition isn’t, customers will be sure to give their business to you.