12 Amazing Customer Service Posts You Probably Missed in 2012 – Part 1

This has been a fantastic year in customer service as we’ve seen more organizations realize the need to win the customer and adopt customer experience as a core strategy to ongoing business success.

Each week has delivered excellent articles and tips to helping organizations and individuals deliver the very best customer service and build and develop exceptional customer experience programs.

Let’s cover the first half the of the year in posts delivering tips on creating a customer service culture and delivering exceptional customer experiences.

12 Fantastic Customer Service Posts You May Have Missed in 2012 – Part 1

We’re all busy professionals, and as such, it’s easy to get bogged down in projects and have less time to get caught up with all that’s going on out there in the customer experience community. Lack of time or project deadlines often mean missing out on some of the latest experience articles, but not to worry. Here’s a list of the very best customer service blog posts from 2012.

January – Don’t compete on price. Compete on Value.

Today there’s a race to the bottom. Everyone is rushing to provide the cheapest solution possible. But at what cost? From the customer’s point of view, your company or brand exists only to create value for them and to provide them with results. Having the LOWEST PRICE often means sacrificing not offering the HIGHEST VALUE. Loyal customers today want value because your offering is an investment to them.

February – The Customer Is Always Right? Wrong.

One of the most improperly used statements in customer service is “the customer is ALWAYS right!” Wrong. The customer is NOT always right, quite the opposite, customers are often wrong. Customers mess up. Customers don’t follow instructions. Customers break things. But whether they are right or wrong, the customer is ALWAYS the customer. Wrong customers can give you a wealth of insight into how you can deliver better, more effective and more efficient customer service that delivers value to customers who are right or wrong.

March – What Are Brand Evangelists & Why You Need Them.

People are loyal to people, more than they are loyal to corporations. So do you have people evangelizing your brand and winning customer converts? In this post we discuss the role of brand evangelists and how they can help guide your potential customers along the product or service selection process. They extol your virtues and help re-assure your organization when delivery falls short.

April – 7 Customer Service Rules from Richard Branson, CEO of Virgin

Visionary entrepreneur Richard Branson delivers a smashing hit with his 7 rules to live by, customer service style. What basic principles can we base our customer service culture on and be sure that they’ll continue to impact our people in the cause or delivering exceptional customer experiences? Branson touches on 7 basic rules we need to ensure we live by in order to establish a customer focused, customer experience culture.

May – Customer Experience Leadership or Customer Service Management?

Customer experience leadership and customer service management are not interchangeable, though they are frequently performed by the same individual. However, both are necessary components to an effective customer service experience culture and solution. So what do they mean and what role does each play in your organization? We dive into this topic here and define the necessary functions of each role within your organization’s customer service execution.

June – Customer Experience is About the Little Things

Experience theory is great, but what specific actions can an organization take each day to deliver the ideal customer service experience? Fantastic experiences don’t necessarily come from 10 hour long phone calls, or from giving things away for free. It doesn’t even require human interaction each and every time. It does require a masterful execution of strategy within each customer touch point. The little things actually do matter most. Amazon and Zappos are masters of the little things that make the biggest difference to their customers.

Bonus! +1 Fantastic customer service blog post – How does your customer service experience stand out?

One of the most common question I’m asked is, “How can I stand out from the competition?” Unless you own a monopoly in what you do, this question should haunt you every day you live. What will you do to help customers choose you over the other options available?

I invite you to check out these amazing articles, they won’t disappoint! If you enjoyed these, be sure to pay it forward and share some of these fantastic customer service tips with your community online to continue growing the influence of great customer service.

Remember, 86% of consumers will pay more for a better customer experience, according to RightNow’s 2011 survey.

So what will you do in 2013 to create or seek out the best customer experiences? I hope you enjoy these top 12 customer service blog posts from 2012 and best of luck in your 2013 customer experience!






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