What is Customer Experience? #Infographic

Simply put, customer experience is how your customers perceive their interaction with your organization.

CEM or customer experience management is the line of business where we organize and manage the customer service actions and business operations to enhance the customer’s perception of their interaction with the organization.

This infographic by CustVox, now owned by SandSIV, reminds us of “what is the customer experience?” and is a great starting place for organizations wanting to increase their focus on developing customer relationships and is also a great refresher for those with programs already in place to measure their actions and the results of their customer experience efforts.

What is Customer Experience

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Customer experience is for everyone

Customer experience isn’t just for retail or brick-and-mortar businesses. Online businesses must manage the experience their customers have with their product or service online search, the Website experience, online order process, account management, and ongoing customer support.

But it doesn’t end there. Even non traditional businesses have to manage their customer experience. Think of educational institutions catering to attract the best students. Think government agencies who want to increase their level of service to the citizens they serve. Think healthcare and the ultimate improved way of life that they can promote by enhancing the way their patients lifestyle choices.

In all of these organizations, whether doing traditional commerce or not, there are expectations from the “customers” they serve and an image, a value, or an emotion that is created while interacting with the organization, its systems, or its people. That is at the heart of customer experience.

The evolution of customer experience

Customer experience traditionally has been seen as a customer service effort. Many companies and software providers have focused on creating CRM software or customer relationship management tools that put more customer information at the fingertips of those directly interacting with customers.

Customer experience takes this action a step further by organizing efforts so that the very best decisions are made about how to use the customer data available to the organization. Customer experience helps align the entire organization and its resources around making the best business decisions that enhance the customer relationship.






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