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Customer services provides the all important link between the product and the consumer, only the most talented are able to juggle the demands of both.

This is a guest post by Xanthe Kershaw, staff writer for VCCP Search and

Customer service jobs are integral to any industry whose conduct is based around a provider and purchaser interaction; this relation is, after all, the fundamental foundation of any business.

Customer service takes you into almost all types of industries and business fields

Jobs in customer services are varied and dynamic. Key elements of jobs in this sector include: responding to customers’ questions and complaints through a variety of channels, such as email, telephone and text; coordinating and monitoring customer orders while keeping them informed of their progress; consistently evaluating the assistance they provide, in turn using these assessments to devise strategies to improve quality and efficiency.

Is a customer service job right for you?

Think you might be interested in Customer service jobs? A role in customer services can be challenging and rewarding. A passionate approach often leads to success in any employment, but a person with a Customer Services job would prosper especially if they possess certain qualities.

First and foremost, it is essential to be a good communicator. The principal aspect of this sort of job is dealing with customers politely and effectively. An unsatisfied customer can at times be difficult to deal with, and in order to maintain a good public impression of the company, the Customer Services Representative must be diplomatic and personable at all times.

The customer is always the customer

Customer service professionals live by the adage that the customer is always right at all times, even if they do not believe it! Successful communication is, of course, a combination of expressing oneself well, and listening effectively. The Customer Services Representative should strive to satisfy the client (by answering their questions, responding positively to a complaint etc.) in order to maintain the client’s faith in the business, and thus their future custom.

In short, the valuable Customer Service Representative is a people person.

CSI – Customer Service Investigation

It also helps if the individual in Customer Service jobs has a naturally investigative mind. As well as dealing first-hand with customers (particular cases) they must be able to take in the broad view (trends within the customer base as a whole). It is beneficial to be a rational and logical thinker who does not shy away from problem solving.

In observing trends and identifying recurring issues in terms of the product-consumer relation, the person in the customer services job can investigate their cause and effect, and in turn implement changes to improve the situation.

Customer service and the corporate ladder

The professional in a Customer Services job must also be reliable and self-motivated. Jobs with such a varied function and fluctuating pace require a certain amount of self-governance in order to keep efficacy consistent.

Top-tier professional Customer Services Representatives can expect to start on a salary of around $20,000-30,000, although many customer service jobs begin at $8-$12 per hour with many organizations. Despite the lower salary range, there are plenty of opportunities for advancement. As professionals advance within their field, customer service representatives can advance to Operational Managers, and other management and executive roles.

Customer Services is an interesting and often fast-paced environment to work in. The vibrancy of interacting with all sorts of people makes for a diverse and fulfilling job.

Xanthe Kershaw is a staff writer for VCCP Search, helping to provide informative articles on careers and jobs for, a leading UK Job site.

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