Christmas with Customer Service

Customer Service embodies the Spirit of Christmas. It’s about serving, giving of yourself, helping others. Customer Service isn’t selling, isn’t taking, isn’t wanting from customers. It’s about helping, giving, sharing, guiding the customer.

You are awesome – really you are. You are an unique individual. You can connect with people they way no one else can, because you’re you. That’s why customer service needs you. Be you! Customers don’t love phone answering systems. No one is scampering to call the big guys because they have an awesome answering system. Customers don’t connect with automated machines. Customers connect with real people. Unique people.

Christmas with Customer Service

You don’t need to be a corporate robot. You don’t need to techno-speak or corporate-speak to make an awesome experience for a customer.  Make it an awesome Christmas conversation and experience for you and all the people that you will meet and interact with this Christmas.  Love who you are, love others. Think of what you do and how that will change another person’s day. It’s up to you. You can make the difference. Smile. Say “Hello” more often. Open the door for the women with the kids trailing after her. Say “Thank You” to the people who serve you.

Seth Godin’s Christmas message captures this:

The digital revolution continues to get deeper, wider and more important. But it has made no progress at all at increasing merriment. That’s up to us.

Customer service systems too often are focused on keeping people from connecting. Keeping customers from being able to talk to real people. Tear down the mazes, the barriers of technology and policies that keep us from connecting with one another.

The spirit of Christmas isn’t sitting in a room by yourself opening your own present. It’s about being with others, family, friends, loved ones. Sharing, giving, caring. Go out there and share more, give more, care more.

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