T-Mobile Customer Service
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How to Contact T-Mobile Customer Service? One of the most frustrating things for customer is trying to contact a large company when you need them.

It seems like you just can’t find any phones numbers, email addresses, and all of their contact information seems to be hidden from customers. Why does contact information have to be so hard to find?

How to Contact T-Mobile Customer Service

Best T-Mobile Customer Service Contact option:

Phone: 800-937-8997 – When the phone picks up, say “I don’t have one”. Then press 1.

You can also reach out to T-Mobile customer service by email or by chat. Email response times are unknown. If you’re in need of fast customer service from T-mobile, it’s probably best to try by phone. Live chat with T-Mobile customer service is also available, but you’ll need to navigate through their menu and select your chat options several times before they will actually let you chat with someone.

Other contact options:

ExecutiveResponse@t-mobile.com – Unknown response times.

http://support.t-mobile.com/community/chat – Only available 3AM – 10PM Pacific Time.

T-Mobile Customer Service

Don’t sit on-hold with T-Mobile customer service any more. Get customer service help fast with the best customer service contact information available.

T-Mobile Customer Service Review:

As with most other major phone provider, customer service is outsourced to call centers around the world. So when contacting T-mobile customer service, expect for there to be an international customer service agent there to pick up the phone and try to answer your questions. As with typical outsourced customer service services, the customer service company providing services for T-mobile is being measured for customer service metrics which are NOT typically related to actually taking care of customer issues.

3rd party customer service providers (your typical international call center – and even some US-based call centers) are being paid by their contracting company (who you get service from) for number of calls answered, keeping call times low, and just providing a person on the other end when customers HAVE to talk to someone. This is usually why customers report long hold times on the phone, times when they just get disconnected after X minutes on the phone, and why they keep getting transferred around between different departments but never reach someone who can actually help them with their problem.

Join the conversation! 9 Comments

  1. I have tried to contact tmobile for 6 weeks. I was told to email CCResponse@t-mobile.com. I did this times 3 and have to receive an acknowledgement. I am having difficulties with reception in my area, I contacted the tech I bought the phone from and he informed that in southern Ohio where I live the reception is poor. I bought the phone in Columbus,Oh., my question is the tech had my address so he knew where I live, why was he not honest with me up front. He was so interested in making the sale he could have cared less about my service. I have reported t-mobile to the BBB in Columbus. I do not feel I should have to pay the disconnect fees, I am not staying with t-mobile, you can have your phone back, I’m going with a more reliable company.

  2. Some of their Tmobile Customer Service agent are competent when you contact them by phone even when I had talked to 5 different agent, and 2 Live Chat online regarding me accidentally making over payment of $100.00 and than $70.00 with my bank debit card on Monday, December 2, 2014 on my $60.00 month plan. I had requested the funds to be credited back to my bank account and every time they call each agent will tell it have been process and already send to my bank and to check with my bank, and when I call or check my bank account online the money still haven’t been credited to my account. I had called the Processing Department Tmobile and spoken to another Supervisor gave him my debit card number and he told me it was send yesterday on Tuesday, December 2, 2014. I had ask him how long does it normally take he said right away but it not on their end again to me to check with Chase bank. Is there a phone number a Tmobile Customer can call to report complaints. If I had pay my monthly bill with my bank debit card it shouldn’t take this long to get the money credit back into my bank account.

  3. I have been a customer with T-Mobile for several years, always paid my bills. I had a family emergency just before Christmas Day holiday so I wrote a letter to the T-Mobile Customer Relations office in Albuquerque asking if they can give to me a break on my present bill that is due 1-13 without it affecting my phones plans. Woukd I be able to make a $2OO payment this time without it changing or affecting my phone service/plan? A break for a veteran? PEDRO FRESQUEZ 575-571-9356

  4. I am a veteran and long time customer of T-Mobile, always have paid my bills. I had a family emergency just before Christmas Day. Without changing my phone plans or service can T-Mobile give to me a break on my present bill which is due on 1-13 that I can pay a total amount of $2OO this time?—Pedro Fresquez 575-571-9356

    • Pedro,

      I would advise you contact T-Mobile customer service. Many telecommunication companies have special programs in place that allow you to continue your service in the event of an emergency. You might be able to setup a pay extra in the next month or two in order to get your account back in normal standing. It varies by provider, but I’d strongly you recommend getting into touch with them as soon as possible.

  5. My phone no longer works since last night. completely out. I am trying to contact customer service by way of computer. Cannot seem to get through.

  6. I would like to contact customer service by chat as soon as possible. I have sent a comment previously and have had no response whatsoever.

  7. In your store do you still L GG 3 4G phones? thank you from heather guill please write

    • Heather, your best bet would be to call your local T-Mobile store. Staff members will be able to tell you exactly which phones they have in stock as this is something that typically varies from store to store. However, I’m always a fan of purchasing online. You can go to the T-Mobile Website and search for your specific phone and order it directly from there. Otherwise, scheduling a time to meet with a T-Mobile team member would be the next-best choice.


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