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The dreaded “unidentified network error” is a common issue and countless numbers of people are giving up on Vista just because of the Windows Unidentified Network Error.

I had a call recently from someone saying that he had this Unidentified Network Error in Vista which made it so he couldn’t access the Internet on his laptop when he connected to his wireless router. If he used his Ethernet connection, the connection worked just fine.

3 Quick Steps to Fix Windows Vista Unidentified Network Error

If you see this “unidentified network error“, here’s a simple fix:

Open the Control Panel and click on Network Connections:

  1. Right-click on your connection that is having problems (this will be local area connection or the wireless connection) and select properties.
  2. Under the Networking tab, uncheck the option for Internet Protocol Version 6, then click ok.

Right-click on your network connection again and select disable, then right click on it once more and enable it.

Or your can open the command prompt (start > type: CMD [hit enter]), then run: ipconfig /renew

Wait a couple of minutes and you should be set.

Vista Unidentified Network Error

The Windows Vista unidentified network error should now be fixed.

Simple fix for the Windows Vista Unidentified Network Error

Hopefully updates will be made to fix this common error, because in the end, that’s part of the customer service experience while fixing the unidentified network error. If you want to have lifelong, loyal customers, you need to make the overall process with your service or product a delight. So we’ll be reviewing 3 quick steps to fix the Unidentified Network Error.

Alternate solution to Windows Unidentified Network Error

If this still does not work, here’s another solution:

Click on START, then RUN, type: CMD and press ENTER.

Type the following and then press ENTER.


Restart the computer and see if the connection has been updated.

Following these quick steps will help solve the Windows unidentified network error.

Since I don’t use Windows Vista, I wasn’t really familiar with the problem, but with a simple Google search I found out that it’s a huge issue and countless numbers of people are giving up on Vista just because of the Unidentified Network Error or just letting their computers gather dust as it does a great impersonation of a giant paper weight.

Did this resolve your unidentified network error in vista? And if you’re on Windows 7, there’s a great resource to fixing the unidentified network error on Windows 7. I’ve heard from many people that this fixed their vista unidentified network error, I’d love to hear if it helped you!

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  1. still does not work for my laptop running vista I think the only thing lift to do is hit it with a big hammer..

  2. If you can not connect beyond your modem what good would it do to do a “ipconfig /renew”?

    Still no joy. I much prefer linux but I try to stay familiar with the window products. If you come up with anything else please let us know!

  3. Unfortunately didnt work for me either

    The CMD or the unchecking of Protocol version 6 :(

  4. Didn’t work for me either.


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