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The Internet has made outsourcing available to save time, allowing businesses increase customer service responsiveness and improve the customer experience.

During the dot-com era, outsourcing became the de-factor standard of doing customer service and product support. Unfortunately, the safeguards to good customer service were never put in place and service standards plummeted taking along with them customers’ trust in service providers.

If in doubt, delegate. Test drive it, and if it doesn’t work, rollback. Many people underestimate how much can be delegated and outsourced effectively.

There are certainly pros and cons of outsourcing. Today, however, outsourcing companies have overcome the previous negative effects of outsourcing and are setting the bar high when it comes to customer service and delivering exceptional customer experiences. The advantages of outsourcing are real.

How you can outsource everything, and improve your customer service

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Reasons for outsourcing and why you should start

Need a few reasons? A lot can be outsourced freeing up your time to work on those tasks that matter most and make the biggest difference to your customer experience. Take your email, for example. Email is the 2nd most time consuming task for American workers today. Roughly 28% of work time today is spent on email, adding up to nearly 3 hours each day!

imagine if you could free up an extra 3 hours of work time if you could manage email more effectively? What difference would that make? What could you achieve? How better could you connect with customers if you could use that time to develop relationships instead?

Death to meeting…preparations.

A recent study showed that people spent on average 7 or more hours per week just planning to organize a meeting, that doesn’t include the time spent IN the meeting. Imagine if you could have a system take care of the scheduling for you, looking up calendars and working around conflicts, or better yet, let a virtual assistant do the leg work for you, giving you back control of your work time to be more productive.

Just the tip of the iceberg

We’ve just touched on a few points, and we’re just getting at the tip of the outsourcing iceberg. The possibilities are endless. More lifehacks, or workhacks are needed today. We need to take control. We need to and can do better than we’ve done in the past.

Take a step back and realize when you need to get outside help, take advantage of the talent pool available, be strategic and set a budget, be specific in your job requirements and description, be thorough when hiring and selecting a service, and don’t micromanage, let experts do their job.

By making more effective use of technology available today we can be more effective in our work and improve the way customer service is done, leading to better customer experiences.

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  1. Why not use a travel agent to outsource your travel arrangements? As a professional travel agent, I have always wondered why more people don’t think of use as a free outsourcing resource. Why would you pay a virtual assist who is less qualified when there is generally no cost from a travel agent? A great agent can save your not only time but money and avoid or fix any travel hassles that may arise.

    Just a thought. :-)


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