Tweetily will automatically tweet your old WordPress posts for you driving massive Twitter traffic to your WordPress blog.

You’ve got your great blog content, now let Tweetily tweet your old WordPress posts automatically and drive massive Twitter traffic to your blog FOR FREE!

Tweetily is one of the MUST HAVE plugins for every blogger who wants to continue to drive traffic to their site automatically!

You can get Tweetily directly from your WordPress Dashboard or from the WordPress Plugin Repository.

Use Tweetily to Tweet Old WordPress Posts Automatically

Tweetily is a FREE WordPress plugin that will randomly pick your posts and tweet WordPress posts automatically to your Twitter account! Just activate and sit back and let the traffic start rolling in. The plugin is the NEW and IMPROVED version of Tweet Old Post by Ajay Matharu.

Tweet WordPress Post Pages Automatically

How does Tweetily Tweet WordPress Posts Automatically?

  • Countdown to the next time you’ll tweet WordPress posts automatically!
  • Use OAuth (log in straight from Twitter) to connect to your Twitter account!
  • Set a minimum time between it will tweet WordPress posts for you!
  • Use random time intervals so you automatically tweet WordPress postsĀ naturally!
  • Set minimum and maximum age of posts that will be shared automatically!
  • Choose the number of posts your want to share automatically!
  • Tweet WordPress POSTS and PAGES!
  • Choose to exclude whole categories or individual posts!

All this completely FREE! You can tweet WordPress posts backed with free customer service from the Customer Service Management Coach!

Preview Tweetily Tweet WP Post Automatically!

Tweet WP Post Automatically

So what’s so special about having something tweet WordPress posts?

You’ve spent your time creating and writing great content online. You’ve had your initial traffic based on your new posts…now what?

Promote your old WordPress post by tweeting old WordPress posts automatically

Tweetily will keep sharing your great content online and let the rest of the Twitter community enjoy that great content you’re sharing online! Set it and forget it. Let Tweetily do the hard work of sharing posts on Twitter.

Drive Traffic with Tweetily and Tweet WordPress Posts Automatically!

Don’t wait any longer. Get Tweetily today!

Head on over to the WordPress plugin site and get Tweetily!

Let it start working to tweet WordPress posts for your automatically and make your WordPress content keep working for you!

Join the conversation! 6 Comments

  1. Pity it doesn’t actually work.

    • I have been using this plugin for a few years already and has worked 100% of the time. I did have to tweak with the setting a bit before i got it to work exactly how i wanted it to.

  2. Well, it works for me and it is grrreat to help me promote my coupon codes and online store.

    Wish I could limit the tweet characters from the posts though to be lower than 140. Is there any way to do this?

    • wow! yours post that much text, you see i’m having trouble with it because it only post 2 to 10 words per tweet only. I wonder what defines the amount of text to tweet! ??????

  3. I don’t see an option to control the amount of words to be included in the tweet, in my twitter account i see a veriation of text amount, sometimes its 2 words and the link other times is 7 to 8 words. is there a way to control this, to at least the max amount allowed by twitter (140 chrtrs). thanks

  4. HI there, I can’t get Twetily to work as it asways says –
    “Tweet 0 : OOPS!!! problem with your URL shortning service. Some signs of error INVALID_LOGIN”

    However I can’t find anywhere to add my service which is working fine for other applications. Can you help me out? MAny thanks, Nick


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