10 Ways to Create a Positive Customer Experience

The U.S Chamber of Commerce estimates that 68% of customers who leave a company do so because they feel undervalued.

Allacyn Griffin-May with OveractDev Technology Partners, a customer-focused software design company, recently shared his thoughts on how organizations can create inspiring and positive customer experiences.

Customer service is a part of every business; we all have customers we are trying to create great experiences for. The U.S Chamber of Commerce estimates that 68% of customers who leave a company do so because they feel undervalued.

These 10 easy tips will show you how you can make your customers feel more valued and keep them coming back to your business.

1. Communicate with your customers – Before, during, and after the sale

We all know communication is a vital aspect to a business’s success, well you should anyway, but are you taking every message your customers are getting into consideration. For example, have you considered the message your customers are getting from your website before they even contact you? How are customers greeted when they call your offices?

You have to be conscious of how you communicate before, during and after your engagements with customers because all communication will be considered when customers reflect on their experience with your business. Have you thought about your customer’s wants and needs and addressed those in your messages and interactions?

2. Find your customer service niche

From the start your company should showcase where your expertise lies and define what you can and cannot do. Focus on what you are good at, find what makes your business different from your competitors and exploit it in your messaging. You cannot be everything to everyone, but you can be something to someone.

3. Show real customer appreciation

Do something unexpected for your customers, this can be as simple as sending a handwritten thank you note or birthday card to customers. Offer a customer appreciation program for a month where your customers get a significant discount on your products or services. Think about how much more likely you are to go back to a company that does something unexpected for you; your customers are likely to feel the same way.

4. Focus on resolving problems quickly

Solve customer problems before they know they have problems, anticipate issues and have plans in place to remedy problems quickly and keep your customers informed constantly. There is nothing worse than being in the dark about problems as a customer. If you are proactive rather than reactive your customers will notice and appreciate your efforts. How you handle problems can weigh more in customer’s decision to continue using your company than the problem itself.

5. Make customer interaction simple and easy

Make interactions as easy as possible for the customer, depending on what industry you work in, it can be as simple as taking all forms of credit cards or having your contact information on your website in a highly visible place. This prevents the customer from being frustrated before they contact you. These may seem like no brainers, but if you have ever tried to contact a company and struggled to find the information you needed, you know what I mean. Visit https://www.unsecuredpersonalloansnow.com/unsecured-personal-loans/nevada for more.

6. Encourage customer loyalty

Create a brand that customers relate to, this will encourage customers to trust you and this will create a loyal customer base. You need to consider who your target market is going to be and then you need to take that information into consideration as you start to develop your brand and these two things should be aligned. You will do better business and your customers will appreciate your business more.

7. Empower the customer

Creating an online forum for customers to share stories can make them feel empowered and makes them feel like you are listening to their feedback. In addition to creating a positive customer experience it also gives you the opportunity to remedy problems if needed, promote milestones, and collect customer input. It will also create a community among customers that will promote discussion and increase the amount of time they spend with your brand giving you more opportunities to engage with customers.

8. Understand your customers’ expectations

Research what your customer’s expectations are and align with those expectations. You should already know what your customers are expecting from your products and services, but you should also be managing those expectations. You can set realistic expectations by controlling your messaging, don’t promise the world if you do not have the world to give. There is no better way to create a bad customer experience than to not meet expectations.

9. Live, breathe, and focus on everything for the customer

Customer centric is a phrase many companies are using these days to show that they put their customers first. It is important that this is not just a catchy phrase that is thrown around, but that your company follows through with it.

The customer should be your company culture and culture extends from how your staff is treated to every interaction with customers to every aspect of your business. When customers feel like you are working for them they will know that you work by this.

10. Create a unified company culture

Make sure that when you hire people they place the same importance on your customers as you do. It will not make a difference if you put your customers first, but no one else in the company does. This starts at the top and filters down to everyone in the company. Everyone who is hired goes through training that addresses how employees should handle customer interactions.

Customer experience will take your organization to the next level of customer loyalty

These tips will help your company create positive experiences for your customers and this will dramatically affect your bottom line. Customer experiences are not just an aspect of your business, they are your business.

Social media networks have created a much faster way for customers to communicate their satisfaction or dissatisfaction with your company so you have to make every customer’s experience a positive one.

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