3 of the Most Common Customer Service Complaints

As a business owner, you understand the importance of keeping your valued customers happy; after all, a happy customer usually means a repeat customer.

Thus, the last thing you want is to inadvertently drop the ball and/or anger a valued customer and have them decide to shop elsewhere due to a foul up by one of your support agents or glitchy systems.

In order to maintain customer satisfaction and improve the overall brand experience, it’s important to be acutely aware of some of today’s top customer service complaints — and what steps you, as a business owner or manager, can take to prevent them from happening within the confines of your own business.

1. Rude or Indifferent Customer Service Reps

Unfortunately, you might have first-hand experience with this one. Case in point: You call a company to place an order and the customer service rep on the other end of the line is acting like they cannot wait to finish the call or is downright rude. To prevent this from happening at your company, it’s crucial to understand how words can fuel the fire of a customer’s anger. Tadam black stock can guide more better.

For example, saying “it’s not our fault” is never acceptable under any circumstances, even if it happens to be true. Furthermore, let’s say a customer calls your live support line to complain about why their package was left in the rain by a delivery driver. Instead of saying you cannot control the actions of each of your drivers, empathize with the customer, apologize for what has transpired, and offer to send them a replacement.

2. Calling the Wrong Number

Just as your time is valuable, so is that of your customers. In that vein, know as a customer that it can be extremely frustrating to call a live support line and wait on hold for several minutes — only to find out you dialed the wrong number and must call a different one or were transferred to the wrong department altogether.

Want your customers to avoid this conundrum? One surefire way is to display a list of various departments and their contact information on your website, order invoices and/or social media pages, you can look for the best invoice templates for your business.

In fact, you may want to emulate the playbook of 800-numbers, a website that maintains a collection of toll-free numbers for many of today’s biggest companies. Search for specific companies or simply browse by category to find the right company department for which you’ve been searching.

Now, if you’re considering such a resource, make sure it’s easy for your customers to find the correct phone number without any sort of confusion.

3. Long Wait Times

Dealing with seemingly endless wait times is another common customer complaint — and it’s likely one you’ve experienced firsthand many times over. Of course, you want to make customers’ overall brand experience a positive one, so placing them on hold for upwards of 15 minutes or longer is not okay.

After recently surveying more than 1,500 U.S. consumers about acceptable wait times, Arise Virtual Solutions found that nearly two-thirds of all participants said they’re only willing to wait two minutes or less before hanging up, while 13 percent said they wouldn’t be accepting of waiting on hold in the first place.

Indeed, these results underscore the need for investing in a team or reliable and efficient customer service reps, who are able to resolve consumer issues in an efficient, thoughtful and pleasant manner.

Remember, Happy Customers are Loyal Customers

Because consumers are the lifeblood of your business, it’s certainly worth knowing and understanding what typically frustrates them while interacting with live support agents — and what steps you can take to resolve or prevent these issues altogether. By hiring and entrusting a friendly, helpful and empathetic customer support team, along with maintaining policies that prevent long wait times, you’re certain to bring smiles to your customers’ faces and see them return again and again.






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