What Are the Best SaaS Products for a Startup Company?

Establishing a knowledge base is a very important step for every company out there. A knowledge base provides for a lot of improvement, especially over a longer period of time. The main purpose of the knowledge base is to gather all the important data regarding the work flow and a variety of tasks completed in the company. The more information gets collected, the richer and more helpful the library of information becomes.

Creating a good knowledge base is necessary if you are looking to increase your team’s productivity, however, it is also important select the right tool to do the job, When starting a business, whether it’s online or a retail store, you need the ability to accept credit card payments.  One complete solution is the nmi payment gateway, it gives you the ability to accept credit cards and electronic checks as well.. These are some of the SaaS solutions that you can utilize to establish and grow your knowledge base.


This is a well-known knowledge base solution that a lot of people use in the process of knowledge base establishment. The software is intended for businesses and organizations of all sizes. Utilizing this software solution, you can create FAQs, forum, knowledge base, online support and phone support. These are all interesting and powerful solutions, however, they do come with a steep price. At 100 euros per month, this package should be considered only by big companies who can afford this type of investment.

WSS Knowledge

This is a nice knowledge base management solution. It is aimed at companies of all sizes as well, with a lot of features that the usual software solutions of this type offer. The goal of this software is to make it easier for businesses to train their employees and steadily grow their knowledge base. It is also great for customer service as it supports FAQ pages creation.

When it comes to pricing, this software solution is quite different. There is an option of monthly subscription, but even better, there is a single time fee of 195 dollars. If you are someone who doesn’t want to give money every month, this is a great alternative.


This is a great piece of software. The platform offers a variety of different knowledge base types. You can use the platform to create FAQ pages, implement videos in tutorials, create a knowledge base for your company, significantly improve customer support, implement PPT tutorials which your customers will love, create flashcards, polls and surveys. What makes all this even better is the fact that all this comes at a cost of only 19.97 dollars per month.

Not to mention that their staff is there to help you out with any issue that you might have. This is a great option for companies of all sizes, as the software scales well no matter how big your company grows.


This company was formerly known as HelpGizmo. It is a great solution for many businesses out there. Like previously mentioned software solutions, it is used for creation of FAQ pages, online support, knowledge base, phone support and video tutorials. The company boasts that customization is one of great features of their platform and that it is fairly easy to use. When it comes to pricing, utilization of this software will cost you from $29 up to $299 per month depending on the software package that you require. The software scales well with large companies as well.


This is a practical solution for any business out there. One of the company’s main selling points is the compatibility with all the popular platforms out there. This is a great feature, as many users nowadays rely on mobile devices that run on different operating systems. People can easily expand their knowledge base with this software solution. The company offers a unique feature for it users in the form of advanced feedback. The knowledge base is enriched with people asking questions and people giving the most useful and appropriate answer.

You can create FAQs, forums, video tutorials, knowledge base and much more with this software. There are three different plans for customers out there. A free plan for 3 agents includes limited features, the targeted plan is $10 per agent per month and the All-in plan is priced at $20 per agent. So, depending on the needs of your company, you can easily pick the right plan for your company.


This is another SaaS product that is aimed at customers who are in desperate need of creating and managing a knowledge base. The software supports FAQ creation, forums, knowledge base and video tutorials. It was established for small and big business around the world with the specific aim of creating a highly functional platform for people who want to enable their employees to build an excellent knowledge base. The price shows that this software solution is definitely created only for big enterprises, as the license for using it is $450 per month. This is a very high price for this type of service, especially when you compare it to the competition but if you are already looking for ERP RFP templates this may be a great option.

Vivantio Pro

Vivantio is a great solution that is aimed at offering an astounding functionality and a variety of features for its customers. It comes with help desk, asset management tool, change management, knowledge base, analytic reporting, self-service web portal and many other tools and features. The pricing of the software depends on the package you plan to use. There are three packages; essentials, pro and ITSM, which are respectively, $40, $60 and $90 per user per month.

Each of the packages are specially created for different business needs. Smaller businesses should use essentials, mid-sized businesses pro solutions like the ones cfo consulting offers and large enterprises should rely on the ITSM package, which includes all of the features that this platform has to offer.

These are only some of the solutions that are available out there today. All of them offer an astounding service, however, the pricing is quite different. ProProfs is on the cheaper side, whereas Bloomfire is the most expensive one. Perform a thorough research of each of the features that these companies offer for their price and you will easily conclude which one is the best solution for you.






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