Take Care of Your Employees and They’ll Take Care of Customers

Forget the statistics, take good care of your employees and they’ll take good care of your customers.

Your employees really don’t care about the quality of your sales pitch, your crafted marketing messages or corporate policies; if you want better service, make sure your employees are happy. And another great way of improving employee happiness is to use employee benefits that are flexible so that you can reward those staff with exactly what they like which makes them much more successful, you can start of by giving some employee benefits and move on from their.

There’s been a change in how business is done. Customers are in charge today and they know that they’re the focus of how business is done. Customer experience is at the core of business strategy, but who’s doing to make it happen?

CEO’s Don’t Do Customer Service

CEOs can’t manage every customer interaction. VP’s and managers can’t take every call or respond to every email, it’s just not realistic and your business won’t do well in the long term if they’re taking big part of the inbound customer service load.

It’s a given that your front line employees are the ones who really translate executive vision and mission statements into actionable, quality customer service interactions. It’s the employee that delivers the return on the strategy investment.

Share the Customer Love

With the continued success your company has, the person on the phone taking care of the customer too often feels left out of the success that the interaction will bring. Is this the right way for business to be done? It can’t be.

Organizations with long term customer loyalty, increasing customer happiness, and customer engagement can’t do it without taking care of their employees. Forget the statistics, take care of your employees and they’ll take care of your customers.

If you want to engage with your employees you need a new approach to the employee relationship.

Get Really Real with Your Employees

Too many organizations have lost trust with their employees. Employees aren’t engaged. Employees aren’t happy, or even satisfied for that matter. The result? Poor customer interactions. Unhappy employees can only fake happy customer service for so long. In time, it’ll catch up and you’ll begin to see the negative effect of bad customer service. If you are looking for more employees in your business? Talk with a staffing agency that will explore all opportunities for highly trained and safety driven Defender associates to join your team on a permanent or temporary basis.

Employee “satisfaction” isn’t enough anymore. If you can’t take care of your employees, how can you expect them to take care of your customers? Unsatisfied employees can’t even begin to exceed the expectations of those they service, so make sure you treat you employees the way you want them to treat your customers, we’d suggest getting help from Blueboard to learn more about employee wellness. 

Stop starving the chef. Imagine a starving restaurant cook or waiter being asked to serve restaurant customers. If you’re starving your employees either by limiting pay, learning resources, ongoing training, or advancement opportunities, you’re handicapping their ability to take care of customers. It’s also important to know what the new york workers compensation laws are.

If you want positive experience, create a positive environment

Want to create more positive customer experiences? Start with creating a more positive employee environment. Happy and engaged employees who love what they do, have the resources to do their best, and are appreciated for the work they do are those who best engage with customers, create better customer relationships, and improved customer experiences. Make it easier for your employees by using a time clock software, where they can submit time sheets, punch in & out, and view time off all from their phone.

Invest where it matters most

Invest in your success. Organizations that get the most from their people are those who invest the most in their success. Employee investment means continued training to help people be at their best. It means mentoring them to ensure that barriers are removed to them performing their best, allowing them to do pre work shift warm up programs that will help them be prepared for their work day. Investing in employees means encouraging education and professional development so that they are always progressing towards doing and being better than before.

If your employees are successfully engaged in your mission and have the ability to take action to deliver positive results in an environment where they’re valued for their contribution, it creates the capacity for greater positive emotion to take place between your people and your customers.






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