How Video Marketing Impacts the Online Customer Experience

As a consumer, it is a priority for you to have as much information at your disposal before you make a purchase. Buying online has limitations, as you can’t physically see and feel the product you’re browsing.

Online shopping never gets old. It’s a great distraction, and no matter what you need (or want), you can find it online. Ebay, Amazon, ASOS, Ali Express – they all exemplify websites that we have grown to depend upon. Whether we are comparing items, checking specs or just perusing, they act as a resource for whatever it is we as consumers are looking for, similar to the use of a led digital signage display or Vinyl floor graphics, which are made to announce products to customers.

But when you’re serious about a product you see in an online shop, you want to know that someone has trusted this seller before or can recommend the item to you. Any insight is beneficial insight. So let’s cue the video marketing tool like this video story community app. For both the consumer and merchant alike, the video packs a huge punch for a small mechanism. Use an affiliate management agency to ensure that you are effectively scaling your customers online.

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Stop, Look And Listen

What makes videos so attention-capturing? It’s the fact that as a consumer, we feel involved in the video experience (as opposed to just reading plain text), which makes it all the more interesting, try creating your own with this video colour correction tool and see how it goes. Words only do so much, yet videos offer the chance for consumers to see and hear about the product. As a consumer, it saves you time, energy and efficiency to watch a video about the item you’re looking to buy.

We are constantly bombarded with distractions. I know that I myself can waste hours on social media without being aware of it in the moment. So when it comes to online shopping, videos help maintain my interest. Just a few seconds of focusing on the video and I have a solid understanding of what I’m looking to purchase. Even if I get a text in the middle of watching the video, the audio of the video keeps me attentive. You may work with a marketing agency that provides Digital content solutions to help you make effective online campaigns through videos and social media.

Drop Some Knowledge

For sellers, offering a description about a product is necessary. Actually, the fact of the matter is that reading about an item can only provide you with so much information. What you can fit in one video might equal up to a page or more of text and let’s be honest here… who actually reads all of that thoroughly? Sure, the explanation could be descriptive to a T, and sure, the tone could be engaging and fun. But still, the fact is that people do not pay attention to what they read online.

From the consumer perspective, information is key. If I don’t feel that I know enough about an item, I won’t feel comfortable purchasing it. Knowledge is power, and shopping knowledge is consumer power. Identifying videos that are related to the product you’re browsing is a great way to learn more about the product without having to move to a different web page (which is good news for the merchant as well).

With videos, you can observe without actually having the object of observation in front of you. Take for example, ASOS’s Catwalk feature. Upon selecting an item, you can select the “View Catwalk” option and see how the fabric moves and the actual shape of the garment on a body. Thus, there is a feeling of peace of mind since I have seen it for myself and it seems like less of a risk to purchase the clothes from without having tried them on, but they have really beautiful dresses. Videos provide a way of doing research, but in an engaging format.

No Trust Issues

An amazing byproduct of the accessibility of videos is user generated content (UGC). UGC is great for consumer and merchant alike, as it gives access to real life people who have purchased and tried the item/product. Contact the best video production Sydney company for more advice and business growth.

Amazon is really great about offering UGC video reviews (scroll halfway down here to see for yourself). It is obvious that as a consumer, you can’t 100% trust what the brand is selling – they have ulterior motives. But you trust fellow shoppers, as they are simply expressing their opinions and experiences. Hearing first hand accounts of an item is considered by millennials to be the most reliable source of information when it comes to reviews.

Additionally, UGC allows consumers to exchange tips and tricks for the items that they’re reviewing on a large scale. Depending on the platform on which the review video is posted, there’s the likelihood that the reviewer’s followers/subscribers will continue the dialog and contribute even more content to the user opinion.

As a consumer, it is a priority for you to have as much information at your disposal before you make a purchase. Buying online has limitations, as you can’t physically see and feel the product you’re browsing. Thanks to video marketing, you can learn about the product in an interactive way, see the real-life version of the product and hear what other consumers just like you are saying about it. Check out video production Sydney to get customised video done.






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