No.1 Priority for your Customer Service Team. It’s Not Service.

Being able to implement better customer service development techniques into your business will in turn, help your business to grow and become stronger.

When all the staff inside the organization work well together, then a positive vibe is created and that reflects well when a client walks into the company environment.

Don’t Take Good Care of Employees? Get Ready to Pay.

On the other hand, not treating your team well has negative consequence. Those consequences can’t be ignored because they cost your company. Frank Sonnenberg, talks about the damage from unhappy employees.

They can resign, taking important skills and customer knowledge with them; they can voice their discontent, thereby hurting morale; they can use every “sick day” available or continually show up late; or they can become apathetic, producing only enough to avoid being fired.

Unhappy People Don’t Provide Customer Service

You can't serve unhappy.

Unhappy employees trying to provide great customer service is like trying to do detailed work with big ski gloves on. You’re going to have a hard time getting it done right and fast. If your team isn’t engaged, committed, and ready each day, you’re going to have a hard time really operating at full capacity. Good, happy service from unhappy people is fake. Just like you can’t fake people management, you can’t fake customer service.

When people get along and customer service development has been worked on in a professional manner it automatically shines in the company and your staff become happy and work as one team, helping one another.

You need to work on making your staff loyal and happy in the workplace. Do you regularly meet with team members and review their ideas, thoughts, and input? Do you review their thoughts on the team environment? Company environment? What would your team members like at the office that would contribute to a better atmosphere? Make room in next year’s budget for that one or two items that people would LOVE to have in the office.

It’s vital to treat your staff with respect and offer them the sense of “at-home-ness” in the workplace. The easiest way to get people happy is to help them relax and have a good time at work. I describe my workplace as a place where we work hard and play hard. Treat your team members well and they’ll treat customers well – and it will be in their best interests to make sure that the customer service development techniques that you have used with them shine through with your customers when they come into contact with your staff.






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